I’d rather go to Paris, Texas, than Paris, France, anyway

There's a commercial from the folks at Signet Jewelers that has been making its rounds lately, and it features a young couple—the woman is blindfolded and wearing a necklace from what I assume is Signet's Interwoven jewelry line—throwing a dart at a map to decide where to go on a trip. The dart lands on… Continue reading I’d rather go to Paris, Texas, than Paris, France, anyway


U.S. map tidbits and stuff I find interesting

How the states are mapped and the proximity of one state to another has always intrigued me. The states get larger as one moves west, for example, almost as if our forefathers got lazy and just started dividing the land into square-ish plots. Here's some other things I love about our states', and cities', mapping:… Continue reading U.S. map tidbits and stuff I find interesting

Do you like your state’s license plates?

I usually notice when cars around me in traffic have various license plates, usually ones that differ from the norm. Here in Texas it always feels good to see a little bit of home in an Ohio plate—which isn't as rare as you might think. Standard Texas plates are fairly bland, but they're supposed to… Continue reading Do you like your state’s license plates?

5 things in life that are overrated

After a few decades of analysis, I've determined the following are not worth the hype they receive: ◊ Travel—I don't like spending money, not being at work, or being away from home and out of my routine. Especially if I can't take my dog with me. Yes, there's a big world out there to explore,… Continue reading 5 things in life that are overrated

10 Texas vacation observations

I took a day off from work recently to spend time with my wife over a long weekend. We went to a local resort on the edge of town—we didn't go very far away—to try to save money. Key word: try. My mind never shuts off, for better or worse, so here's some things I… Continue reading 10 Texas vacation observations