Sentimental like me? Avoid Google Street View

This post started off as another post about something related to Houston and Hurricane Harvey. I was using Google Maps to double-check something I that don't even remember now. Pretty soon I found myself scrolling across America from Houston to Dayton, Ohio, my hometown, and to the street I grew up on. Then I found… Continue reading Sentimental like me? Avoid Google Street View


Bummed about Harvey? Give blood—then keep giving it

A few Saturdays a year, I'll drive to Round Rock to donate platelets—or cells in the blood that attach themselves to damaged blood vessels, causing clotting—and plasma, the liquid part of our blood that serves many functions, including carrying vital minerals throughout the bloodstream. Still awake? Good. Usually there's more medical professionals volunteering at the… Continue reading Bummed about Harvey? Give blood—then keep giving it

My thoughts in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey

Harvey has apparently left the Austin area but is wreaking havoc in Houston where many of my co-workers live. Here's some things I noticed during a weekend of heavy rain: ◊ Why were flags flying? Both Texas and American flags were on flagpoles—and nearly ripped off of them—over the weekend as the storm came through.… Continue reading My thoughts in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey

Facts and numbers I find interesting—and you might, too

I was eating pizza with my wife the other day, and as we sat in the restaurant, an interesting stat scrolled across the bottom of the TV: According to ESPN, Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton has been "hit or sacked 922 times since ... 2011. Second during that span is Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson at 615." Two… Continue reading Facts and numbers I find interesting—and you might, too

No major yet? Don’t fret, college students

My cousin (-in-law) graduated from high school in the spring, and I was super proud of him. He was among the top academic performers in a Lubbock-area class that seemed to be an extremely competitive group. That, and like his older sister, he's just a good person raised by good people. Many of his classmates… Continue reading No major yet? Don’t fret, college students

Am I shy or snobby? I don’t know my neighbors

As a child, there was perhaps no greater validation of my existence than hearing the doorbell ring and knowing it was one of the neighborhood kids seeing if I was available to hang out. I don't have any siblings, so I think the effort on someone else's behalf to seek me out was a nice… Continue reading Am I shy or snobby? I don’t know my neighbors

10 Texas vacation observations

I took a day off from work recently to spend time with my wife over a long weekend. We went to a local resort on the edge of town—we didn't go very far away—to try to save money. Key word: try. My mind never shuts off, for better or worse, so here's some things I… Continue reading 10 Texas vacation observations