5 Texan phrases I find myself usin’

I've lived in Texas for 11(!) years now, and it's been a great experience. I knew in my heart, even as a little boy, that if I wasn't living in my beloved Dayton, Ohio, I'd be in Texas. I even dated someone when I was in my mid-20s who told me I didn't have what… Continue reading 5 Texan phrases I find myself usin’

My 50th post plus a look behind the scenes of ‘NTYA’

Somehow I've managed to make it to 50 posts of "Not That You Asked," a (hopefully) humorous blog in the vein of Andy Rooney and Rick Reilly with some Midwest-Texan wisdom you never wanted in the first place. I can't really tell if I'm successful or not yet as a blogger, but I think I'm… Continue reading My 50th post plus a look behind the scenes of ‘NTYA’

5 bygone things that should come back

I'm a sucker for nostalgia. Here's five things from days gone by that should come back—and would help us build character: • The return of duels would be a great way for us to settle disputes again. Don't like what I said about you on Facebook? Let's fight to the death with swords! Not only… Continue reading 5 bygone things that should come back

When my inner voice speaks, I’ve learned to listen

Sometimes I hear a small voice that tells me to do things. Now that I read the prior sentence again, mentioning that I hear a voice makes me seem a little bonkers. Oh well. I think the voice is probably just part of my own internal dialogue or my conscience. Sometimes I wonder if it's… Continue reading When my inner voice speaks, I’ve learned to listen

Street knowledge: The wisdom of Al

Some of the wisest words I ever heard came from a guy who lived in the woods near I-35. I met him when I was going through a bit of an adjustment phase at my then-new job in 2011. I was in a new city—Austin—with new people, and I felt excited and terrified at the… Continue reading Street knowledge: The wisdom of Al

Alternative facts you may never have considered

In January "alternative facts" became part of our more recent terminology in America. Although some have described alternative facts as "falsehoods," I think we need to dig a little deeper into what we consider to be fact, and then we need to consider possible alternative facts. For example, is it possible that perhaps: North Korea… Continue reading Alternative facts you may never have considered

U.S. map tidbits and stuff I find interesting

How the states are mapped and the proximity of one state to another has always intrigued me. The states get larger as one moves west, for example, almost as if our forefathers got lazy and just started dividing the land into square-ish plots. Here's some other things I love about our states', and cities', mapping:… Continue reading U.S. map tidbits and stuff I find interesting

Personal unwritten rules I follow

In the spirit of my friend Nick's recent post, I've decided to share my own code of unwritten rules that I follow daily. Maybe you honor the same credo? Or maybe I'm nuts. I make it a point to be baseline nice to people. We can all use some empathy. I never ask a woman… Continue reading Personal unwritten rules I follow

Do you like your state’s license plates?

I usually notice when cars around me in traffic have various license plates, usually ones that differ from the norm. Here in Texas it always feels good to see a little bit of home in an Ohio plate—which isn't as rare as you might think. Standard Texas plates are fairly bland, but they're supposed to… Continue reading Do you like your state’s license plates?