My ‘5 things’ series

Whether it’s ranking TV shows or listing reasons tropical storms should stay away from Texas, my “5 things” series aims to give readers the lowdown in a digestible format. Because, you know, otherwise my posts make people queasy.

You know you just tried touch the tips of your fingers together to freeze time like Evie in “Out of This World.” Did it work? | NBC Universal Television Distribution

Find out which 5 TV shows I watched, usually very early in the morning, back in the 1980s. I’m sure you were just dying to know.

Discover the 5 things in life I think are overrated. Or underrated. Or go do laundry.

Here’s 5 reasons why Hurricane Harvey should have stayed away from Texas. For one, Texas was bigger than Harvey.

Are you really, really bored? Learn about 5 merit badges I earned 25 years ago. Don’t forget to wake up in time to get to work.

Oh, look: another post about 5 TV shows. Sheesh. Get an original idea, Andy.

Check out 5 things I used to collect.

My 5 TV shows I used to watch in the 1990s post died quicker than the slap wrap fad.

Ever feel like the fullback should make a comeback? You’ll like this list.

Texas forever, y’all.

 Five Texan sayings I’ve been usin’ are here.

After a six-month break, here’s five mind-blowing events that took place while I was away.