I hope you find your cat

I saw a homemade sign stuck to a lamppost yesterday that told of someone's lost cat. I thought about how scary it would be to be lost and how the cat's person (I don't like to use the word owner) feels having a pet lost. It's probably worse for the human than the cat in… Continue reading I hope you find your cat


Hey, Andy, did you get a haircut? Me: I got them all cut

I always seem to get comments from the people around me whenever I get a haircut. Some people compliment me, and some people—in a harmless, good-natured way that I enjoy—call me "cue ball" or ask me if I'm enlisting. I'll let my hair grow for a while—maybe a few months—and then get it cut super… Continue reading Hey, Andy, did you get a haircut? Me: I got them all cut

Why wear a wristwatch?

I bought a watch recently that I thought I would wear more as an accessory than a timepiece. It’s a Timex from Target, about as inexpensive of a watch as one can get, with a red (of course) band that is far more comfortable to wear than my Soviet watch. Being a somewhat anxious person, the newer watch has served an unintended purpose: It helps me focus and stay in the present.