My 5 favorite merit badges I earned as a Scout

Scouting was a big part of my life from ages 6-18 or so. I started in Tiger Cubs, which is the earliest one can join and is for boys in first grade, and earned every rank in Scouting, becoming an Eagle Scout. To this day being an Eagle Scout is one of my proudest accomplishments.… Continue reading My 5 favorite merit badges I earned as a Scout

5 TV shows I watched in the 1980s

The 1980s was pretty much the best decade ever, aside from its lack of the internet. If you lived it as a kid like I did, you know there was no greater time to be alive, especially when it came to the TV shows we had to choose from. Here's five that I enjoyed and… Continue reading 5 TV shows I watched in the 1980s

Hey, Andy, did you get a haircut? Me: I got them all cut

I always seem to get comments from the people around me whenever I get a haircut. Some people compliment me, and some people—in a harmless, good-natured way that I enjoy—call me "cue ball" or ask me if I'm enlisting. I'll let my hair grow for a while—maybe a few months—and then get it cut super… Continue reading Hey, Andy, did you get a haircut? Me: I got them all cut

Why wear a wristwatch?

I bought a watch recently that I thought I would wear more as an accessory than a timepiece. It’s a Timex from Target, about as inexpensive of a watch as one can get, with a red (of course) band that is far more comfortable to wear than my Soviet watch. Being a somewhat anxious person, the newer watch has served an unintended purpose: It helps me focus and stay in the present.