5 people who are warmer than you right now

It’s the peak of summer, and everyone is bellyaching about the heat, myself included.

Yes—it’s hot. Here in Austin we could go an entire month or more of consecutive days of temperatures hitting highs in the triple digits. Anything in the 90s or cooler would be a godsend. I seriously doubt where you live is hotter, unless you have humidity to go along with it or you live on the sun itself. Nonetheless, as you curse the heat this summer, remember these five people who are even hotter than you are:

• Our homeless brothers and sisters don’t have ready access to water and air conditioning like the rest of us do. The homeless are perhaps the worst off of all of us, in my opinion, because there’s no one necessarily looking out for them.

• Your dog is wearing a fur coat and is probably meant to live in a cooler climate. I know mine is. Remember that pavement or even beach sand can be hot on a dog’s bare feet, and even just a little time outside is a lot for even the hardiest of animals. Keep Fido inside and hydrated as much as you can and be mindful of hot surfaces such as dark-colored asphalt when walking your dog.

• People who work outside are certainly hotter than you are. Whether it’s construction work, landscaping, lifeguarding or retail, for example, those who work outside likely loathe the heat. If you’re working in this extra hot summer outdoors, this blog salutes you.

• Athletes are likely cursing their coaches right about now as baseball, soccer and football players—from kids to pros—sweat more than a panda wearing a mink in practices and games—as are fans and parents! Two-a-days in the humid Ohio August heat were always especially brutal for us in high school as we conditioned for football season.

• Many members of our armed forces, who are each honorary friends of this blog because of their service—whether they want to be or not—are certainly hotter than you are right now as they likely brave the elements to serve our country. Plus they may be getting shot at, too. The only reason I think they aren’t worse off than the homeless, even as they might face the prospect of being wounded, is because our service members have someone—a commander, a fellow service member or a family member—making sure they are accounted for.

So there you have it. The next time you think you have it bad in this hell-beating heat, just remember: It could be worse! For some people, it is.


4 thoughts on “5 people who are warmer than you right now”

  1. Thanks for the “subtle” reminder of the ones who don’t have an option to get out or away from the heat. Up here in Iowa however it was a lovely 65 this morning. Needed a nice warm cup of coffee to help heat up the ol’ body to start my day.

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