5 things I’ve been pondering lately

Whether I’m washing dishes, walking the dog or showering, my mind never stops, for better or worse. Here’s five things that have popped into my mind lately:

It’s summertime, and my mornings are often punctuated with the sound of power equipment manicuring surrounding lawns and vegetation. It’s hotter than the hinges of hell here, so the sooner one can get started on mowing his or her lawn before the sun becomes a factor, the better.

But how early is too early?

I decided that anything before 8 a.m. is too early. Otherwise the sounds of your mower could wake the average neighbor, unless he’s already doing yardwork himself to avoid the heat.

What is Victoria’s secret, anyway? What is she hiding?

• Seeing NBA superstar LeBron James in a Los Angeles Lakers jersey will be weird. And $153.3 million is  lot of money! The former Cleveland Cavaliers forward signed a four-year, $153.3 million deal to play with the Lakers on July 1. Some say he is already the greatest Laker, but this blog’s favorite player of all time, Magic Johnson, would have something to say about that. And speaking of money, here’s five things James could buy with all his new money:

  • 223,795 2005 Chevrolet Cavaliers (valued at $685 with 126,509 miles according to Kelley Blue Book)
  • 901,817 official NBA basketballs ($169.99 each)
  • 1,474,463 pairs of Nike LeBron Soldier XI basketball shoes ($103.97—way too expensive for a shoe, and this blog takes umbrage with this use of “soldier”)
  • 25,592,654 Nike sweatbands ($5.99 each)
  • His own lake

• According to multiple reports, including this one from June 12, some in California want the state to be divided into three states: Northern California, Southern California and California. If the state’s voters approve the split, it would still need to be approved by Congress.

California may be split into three states. | Deseret News

I think they should be called North California, South California and California, but whatever.

Some say the move will improve things like infrastructure and education while also lowering taxes. I can’t imagine California being three states, but I bet its massive size does lead to some problems. Simply having a smaller area to manage seems like it would be easier to govern, though.

If it happens it means 52 stars on the U.S. flag instead of 50, and it means at least two new state flags. And at what point do we have too many states?

Some might argue that Texas, another big, populous state, could be ripe for many of the same issues California has. Could my state of Texas be split into multiple states?

I doubt it. Here’s five things more likely to happen than Texas splitting up:

  • People agree about whether professional athletes should stand or kneel for the National Anthem
  • My stamp collection becomes valuable
  • This blog makes you laugh with it, not at it
  • Temperatures don’t top 100 degrees in July here in Texas
  • Tiny Rhode Island, which is 33 miles wide at its widest point—roughly the size of Greater Houston—splits into two states
It’s not uncommon to see vehicles with “Secede” bumper stickers such as this one driving around town. | texassecede.com

Californians have pride in their state, sure, but Texans LOVE their state more than any other place I’ve ever been. Texas was once its own country, and we take pride in all parts of it, from the Panhandle to East Texas to West Texas and the Rio Grande Valley. Although it’s bigger than many of the world’s countries, I can’t imagine Texas being split into multiple states, especially with talk of Texas seceding from the U.S. altogether via a “Texit.”

Associated Press photo

What does country radio have against Kacey Musgraves? Musgraves, an official friend of this blog (whether she knows it or not), released her latest album, “Golden Hour,” on March 30, yet I did not hear any new songs from the album on the radio until June 29—92 days later, by my count. And I listen to country radio often enough to be a fair judge of this sort of thing. In fact, here’s five things that took place between the time the album dropped and I heard the song, “Space Cowboy,” on the radio:

Country radio, in Musgraves’ home state, no less, refuses to play her music, which makes about as much sense as a screen door on a submarine to me.

What are some random thoughts you’ve had lately?



4 thoughts on “5 things I’ve been pondering lately”

  1. After living in West Texas, Texans seem way too proud to let their state be split! I would expect it would be much more likely that they would prefer independence, as they mentioned that a lot to me whilst I was there.

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  2. Very informative and funny! I like that you really put a lot of effort into your blog content and it shows. With that breakdown of what LeBron could buy with his money, I thought Biff Sock Pow had taken over the blog for awhile!
    Terrific content, Andy!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Perhaps they should split Victoria’s Secret into two stores, Northern Victoria’s Secret and Southern Victoria’s Secret. I personally think that Victoria knows the formula for the Big Mac sauce. Great post, gave me a lot to think about today!

    Liked by 1 person

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