My stamp collection is worth …

… Firstly, I suppose it’s not technically my collection; I inherited it from my grandfather who died when I was a toddler.

I can sort of remember meeting him in his last stages of dementia, and he somehow knew who I was, too, according to my mom.

I’ve always felt his presence. I know he is watching over me, sort of like a guardian angel, and I know he’s there whenever I feel a small breeze. It’s not the air conditioning or a fan; it’s a little breeze that I think only I can likely feel. It’s not a scary feeling; I just know he’s there, and everything is OK. Does this seem a little far-fetched? You bet! But it’s as real as the Texas heat to me.

But back to the stamps.

I’ve had the stamps—thousands of them, mostly ones that had been postmarked—for about 20 years and always considered them to be some sort of treasure. Even if they had zero value, they seemed priceless to me. But what if they did have value?!

What if they were worth something? Would I have the guts to part with them? Would my grandfather be angry with me? What if part of the collection was separated from the rest of it? Would that cause some sort of cosmic cataclysm? What would I buy with the money if I sold the stamps? Or should I save it all?

If it were me, I’d want my progeny to cash in on my collection, especially stamps, which are becoming increasingly passe; no one really collects them or cares about them as much as they used to.

So I finally had them appraised after some delays, and they are worth …

… next to nothing.

stampTwo stamps the appraiser found were worth about $20 combined, but I decided to keep them.

I suppose the collection’s true value comes from the fact that my grandfather painstakingly collected the stamps over several decades, and I have something of importance that once belonged to him.

But what do I do with a bunch of used stamps?

stamp2They’re beautiful, each one like a little work of art, but ultimately worthless.

Do you have something you’re not sure what to do with? What is it?


12 thoughts on “My stamp collection is worth …”

  1. Great piece! I, too, am approaching an age when I will have to begin to disposition the various bric-a-brac and impedimenta of aging relatives. I’m quite sure most, if not all of it is worthless. Still, it is hard to get rid of something that meant so much to someone we loved and cared about. Worst of all is just the uncertainty. Is it worth something? Or not?

    I must admit, red-faced and embarrassed, that I collected stamps as a kid. (Yes, I was THAT nerdy!) Stamps were so fascinating to me and I just knew that I would find a stamp someday so rare that I would never have to work a day in my life. But, as you just recently found out, no one collects stamps anymore. Prices have plummeted. Stamps I used to lust after that used to be worth thousands and thousands of dollars, I can now pick up on eBay for a few tens of dollars.

    I still have my old stamp collection and may resurrect it someday. But one thing is certain … I have told my daughter that they are worthless and to not feel any remorse when she sells them someday in a garage sale for five dollars.

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      1. I agree! They really are little treasures.

        I was just looking at my collection last week as I cleaned out my office closet. I still collect very casually (like if we get something in the mail with an interesting stamp on it). Maybe I will resurrect it. My efforts to find some other hobby have proven fruitless.

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      2. Well, thanks, Andy! I never really considered myself kick-ass at anything, let alone stamp collecting. 😀 The hard part is actually finding them. Oh, sure, you can buy them on eBay and such, but I used to love going to the stamp stores and poring over their hundreds of albums and picking out just the right one. There are zero stamp dealers left in the whole of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. I am reduced to just buying them on-line now, which is not nearly as fun.

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  2. My Dad had a stamp collection, and we all figured it would be our inheritance since there was not much money coming in otherwise. After he died, we discovered (of course) that the stamps were worth absolutely nothing. But Dad had fun with it, so I guess that’s all that really matters.

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  3. Lovely piece, that. It is a reminder of these absorbing activities that give us a lot of satisfaction and comfort, even in turbulent times. I collected stamps for about a week before being distracted by other shiny glittery things. Drawing, for me, always trumped most hobbies, though I built a boatload of plastic models in my day, WW2 my favourite period.

    Great thought-provoking content, Andy.

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