Little-known facts about summer

June 21 was officially the first day of summer, though it’s been summer here in Texas since February or so. Here are some facts about summer that I managed to dig up after intense research:

• If you stare into the sun long enough, it’ll talk to you. At least it does to me. How do you think I got the idea to start this blog?

Source: science

Courtesy of the infographic at right, we all know Texas is closer to the sun than the rest of the Earth, hence the heat.

The longest day of the year is not June 21 as some may think. It’s actually the day before the newest season of your favorite Netflix show comes out.

The word summer comes from old English and means “so hot thou shalt stay inside and watch reruns.” This was before Netflix was invented.

Supposedly the heat of summer causes the metal in the Eiffel Tower to expand, and the tower grows an additional 6 inches in height—making it just tall enough to be able to ride the roller coasters at Six Flags.

It’s so hot here in Texas that the common cold is now being referred to as “the warm.”

A friend of mine was buried up to his neck in the sand at the beach like what you sometimes see on TV. This was in 2005. He’s still there.

It’s so hot here in Austin that the devil would relocate here if he could afford the cost of living.

I’ve been staring into the sun for so long now that I’m experiencing hallucinations, so I guess it’s time to go. I hope you enjoyed these summer factoids.


5 thoughts on “Little-known facts about summer”

  1. hehe, of course I knew that (long time follower). I look forward to your post idea! I may do likewise about my hometown, which is Winnipeg. I’ve been in Vancouver so long that I have become soft and adverse to temps below freezing.

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