My 5 banned words for 2018

News came about recently that President Donald Trump was banning the use of certain words the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention could include in its upcoming budget. The words include “vulnerable,” “entitlement,” “diversity,” “transgender,” “fetus,” “evidence-based” and “science-based.”

As one Washington Post article points out, this ban on words is not just a Trump thing, as many detractors assume: There are other organizations throughout the world that have banned use of certain words for their own reasons. It happens.

I think no words should ever be banned, but in the spirit of this recent news about a ban on words, I’ve come up with my own hypothetical list of banned words/phrases we should implement in 2018. They include:

  • Can’t I never liked this word much. It’s a sign of defeat, as in I can’t make the team because I can’t dribble or I can’t fly if I jump out of that tree. Yes you can.
  • Comfort food What is comfort food? For me it’s McDonald’s, but I have seen the term used to describe everything from grilled cheese sandwiches to chicken fingers and barbecue in an attempt to appeal to potential customers. Let’s dump this vague term for 2018.
  • Hate What a word. I hesitate to use it even when describing my disdain for Ohio State University football or my aversion to social gatherings. To me “hate” makes me think of hate crimes or racism, which are obviously bad things. There’s some other great words we can use in its place, such as “loathe,” “dislike,” “don’t care for” or “detest.” Or make up your own word.
  • Heck Please just say “hell” if that’s what you mean. “Heck” makes you sound flimsy. Same with “darn.”
  • Man up This means to toughen oneself up and deal with the situation at hand, and I think it implies that women can’t be tough. Let’s try something more colorful, such as “stiff upper lip.”

So there you have it, y’all. As 2018 nears, let’s see if perhaps we can avoid the above words in the coming year and make ourselves all seem a little more dynamic/educated/sober.


5 thoughts on “My 5 banned words for 2018”

  1. What an interesting tangent! Your list of words is spot-on.

    SHOULD was excluded on purpose, possibly because everyone cites THAT word? It has long been a reviled word in my rich, but misused, vocabulary.

    Here are a few of mine, a by-no-means exhaustive list:

    FESTIVAL: as soon as that word is added to any event, it guarantees tickets will be sold out, thx to bots, and will be inundated with stoners and drunks.

    DARK: as in humour, comedy, uh ambient music. Let’s just agree that everything is dark. Who DOESN’T have a ‘dark’ side? Thru overuse, like any word, it has been rendered toothless. It’s an annoying adjective that pigeonholes and labels.

    FREAKING: no explanation needed.

    MUST-SEE: no, I don’t. (unless I’m in it)

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      1. Haha thanks, but I’ll leave the writing to the big boys, not my strong suit, though if cornered, I’ll fake it for awhile, then run back into my cliff dwelling.

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  2. Great list, I definitely use hate and can’t way too often. I also use hate for sports teams, and I need to not use hate or can’t much in life in the next year. I am going to work on this, and the other three words, too. Happy New Year to you Andy!

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  3. I, too, have the same feelings for the word “heck”. Except I really, really like the word “Heckkin'” I find it wildly amusing when used with dog memes and tongue-in-cheek responses to non-problems.

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