Finally: U.S. fesses up to UFOs

In a recent report and downright chilling video, the U.S. government has admitted to running a program that investigated UFOs. And if the video released along with the report is any indication, it gives credence to years of sightings and unexplained phenomena and is an official admission of the greatest discovery in human history.

Also: We’re screwed. Maybe.

Look no further than the Europeans “discovering” the Americas to see that when a more advanced civilization encounters a less advanced one, the latter will be destroyed. Unless the aliens don’t see the need to take over Earth—their thinking has philosophically evolved to such a point—are we on the verge of extinction? And why aren’t more people talking about this in the wake of the video’s release?! Here’s some vignettes on my thoughts on UFOs and aliens.


I always thought that if my life went in that direction, I would make it my purpose to put myself in a position to somehow lift the lid on the existence of UFOs—I feel that strongly about the subject of extraterrestrial life. Maybe I would become president or a general in the military and gain access to secret knowledge, and when the time was right, expose it all to the world. Maybe it would cost me my career or even my life—but the people of Earth have a right to know if there’s aliens visiting us.

My life didn’t go in that direction, which is probably best for us all.


After some thought, I don’t think aliens themselves are constantly visiting us: I think they’re sending drones and occasionally visiting. It’s no different than our forays to the moon and to Mars. First we send robots, then people. There’s too many risks.


Does ET look sort of like us? Maybe. Perhaps evolution has determined that beings with two arms, two legs, fingers, a torso and a head atop that torso is the best way for intelligent life to exist. I would be surprised if aliens took the form of some grotesque creature like we see in movies. I’m willing to bet that ET isn’t too terribly different from humans.


Does the existence of aliens negate religious thought and years of conflict here on Earth—is there no God after all? Do aliens believe in God? The only thing the existence of life elsewhere proves, to me, is that the universe is more complicated than we thought, but that doesn’t mean there is no God or that the belief system you have or don’t have isn’t real. It doesn’t mean religious figures like my bro Jesus Christ—the “baddest ass of all time,” according to one human—didn’t exist. It just means that life is far beyond our comprehension, and we need to keep an open mind.


Assuming the UFO in the videos is really an alien craft, all unexplained sightings are objects not of this world and aliens do exist, what does it all mean? I think it means the divisions—race, nationality, religion—we have created as humans are useless. I think it means we must operate as one global society and take care of each other and our planet, and I think it means we need to prepare as best we can to defend Earth if need be.

Speaking of defending Earth, a CBS news report on the number of guns per capita per state shows that if aliens invaded the U.S., they should avoid Wyoming, which by CBS’ methodology is the most heavily armed state at about one gun for every five people. My native Ohio is ranked 23rd in the nation, and my home, Texas, is surprisingly the 18th most heavily armed state. The least guns per capita belongs to New York, according to the study.

What do you think about the recent government admission and UFO video?


1 thought on “Finally: U.S. fesses up to UFOs”

  1. Great post. A fascinating subject with so many entry points. As a child of the 70s, I was indoctrinated with UFOs, black holes, chariots of the Gods, George and Weezy haha, and these subjects still hold a lot of interest to me! If you are aware of any, pls recommend some good books on these subjects, UFOs, and the like.


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