Put a bird (in) it: I built a birdhouse

For the first time that I can remember, it actually snowed here in Austin on Dec. 7.

As temperatures fall below freezing for the first time each year, I always think of people who don’t have anywhere to go, who are in the cold outside overnight. Then I get really sad.

If only all housing in Austin was this affordable.

I noticed there were some birds who were out in the cold the following day, and I decided it was time to hang up my birdhouse that I made in the spring. That way, at least I could keep the little birds warm.

I made said birdhouse out of pine boards about an inch or so thick and secured it all with screws—the birdhouse is “built tough like a Chevy, but not as tough as a Ford,” as my shop teacher used to say.

I gave it a modern look that I think is both stylish and functional. I can’t wait to see the little birds move in and get out of the cold!


7 thoughts on “Put a bird (in) it: I built a birdhouse”

  1. Nice title . . . ref Portlandia. I love to help the helpless creatures through the winter. We live near Central Park and many such creatures need our help, being too dumb to forage or not have Costco cards. But listen, you have inspired me to build, or in more likelihood, get quotations on a nice birdhouse. Zoning bylaws may require it to fit certain dimensions, so we will see.

    Oh can I borrow all your power tools?

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