My 50th post plus a look behind the scenes of ‘NTYA’

Somehow I’ve managed to make it to 50 posts of “Not That You Asked,” a (hopefully) humorous blog in the vein of Andy Rooney and Rick Reilly with some Midwest-Texan wisdom you never wanted in the first place. I can’t really tell if I’m successful or not yet as a blogger, but I think I’m doing OK. Persistence seems to be key.

My first post was on July 2, and now it’s Nov. 15. Here’s some things that have occurred in that 137-day timeframe:

  1. The NFL season started, and my 49ers have won only one game so far.
  2. The Houston Astros won the World Series. Everyone I meet is a ‘Stros fan now.
  3. The cut on my finger healed.
  4. Hurricane Harvey messed with Texas.
  5. Two people I knew died. Worldwide, 20,769,200 people died, according to my math and this website. 49,320,000 people were born in those 137 days.
  6. The average worker bee was born, lived and died during its 6-week lifespan.
  7. According to my math and data from Ford, since my blog started, the automaker built approximately 2,252,054 vehicles worldwide, or about 16 every 60 seconds.

This blog has changed a little, too, in terms of its look and branding, since I started it.

For one, “NTYA” has been through at least a dozen iterations of icons that show up in various uses, whether it be on a phone or tablet’s homescreen or on the tabs at the top of the screen on a laptop. This is also known as a favicon. I couldn’t decide on a favicon for days and days. I knew I wanted these attributes:

  • unique
  • distinct
  • simple
  • bold
  • red
Here’s just a few of the favicons I experimented with.

I think I finally got what I wanted, for now. This is why I will likely never get a tattoo: I can’t decide on what I want.

I also changed the headline/header font to a sans serif font, Noto Serif (in the red boxes in the screen shot), so it would stand out a little more than the body text. I like the contrast this creates.

If you’re still awake, here’s a new font I’ve incorporated (in the red boxes) with this site.

Still awake? Good.

I actually changed my mind again, four times, in the course of writing this, in terms of the favicon. I think I have something I like now, but who knows?

The hardest part by far—even more difficult than deciding on a favicon, if you can believe it—is coming up with material.

I have a dozen or so posts that I’ve started that I either think are garbage and not worth finishing or are worth saving for a rainy day when my mind is blank.

I’m afraid to get too personal, though, with my posts. I’ll never mention much about my wife or her family to help maintain some sense of privacy for them. There’s things I’ll never share about myself because they’re too raw, and I won’t share a whole lot about my job, our home’s exact location or what car I drive.

I finally settled on a favicon. For now.

And even though this blog’s posts are often tagged as “humor,” it’s hard to be funny. Funny sort of happens on its own, if it happens at all. Funny is the goal most of the time, though.

If this blog has made you think, be distracted for a couple minutes or even made you chuckle, then I’ve accomplished my mission.

Here’s to 50 more posts.


11 thoughts on “My 50th post plus a look behind the scenes of ‘NTYA’”

  1. I liked your post. It echoes , in some ways, some goals I had with my own blog, which is decidedly more cartoony than literary. I usually just post what I find funny and am very gratified to get any response.
    I would love to visit Texas, and not just because Larry McMurtry is one of my faves, but there is a mystique and fascination with such a storied state. I live in Vancouver Canada, whose history, though interesting, holds nothing against the Lone Star State. Canada, like Texas, offers all manner of weather, from blizzards to balmy weather (us). I have changed my blog little, too, mostly due to laziness and simply not knowing how. What’s a favicon? See? I suppose I might increase my traffic if I employed some of these.

    I will begin to read your archives since I am a bit late for the party, as usual.

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  2. Keep me coming. I️ have been at it for over two years and your comments echo mine in many ways. Unlike you though I️ choose to be personal as I️ write about what is in front of me. I️ wrote 6 days a week for over a year. Now I️ barely squeak one out every quarter. You inspired me to start writing again after I️ found your site. Thank you.

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  3. Great post, Andy! It’s always interesting to pull back the curtain and see what’s going on behind a blog. I see you have a lot of the same views and concerns I do. I also am loathe to share anything too personal on here. It’s not that I’m afraid of stalkers. Stalkers only stalk interesting or attractive people. I just prefer anonymity. Plus, ironically, I think it’s much easier to write a truthful blog when one doesn’t have to worry about a family member or friend reading it.

    I also agree with your observation that it’s hard to be funny. Some days it just seems to flow. Some days it doesn’t. It can’t be forced. Also, humor is not universal. Whereas something like sadness is universal (almost everyone in the world thinks sad things are sad and react to them in the same way), but not everyone can agree on what is funny. What makes me roll around on the floor barely moves the needle for other people. Makes me wonder why I decided to pursue a humor blog.

    But no matter … YOUR blog is funny …. so keep up the good work!

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  4. Great post and congratulations on 50! It’s interesting to see what you are thinking, and I like your favicons a lot. I didn’t even know that favicon was a word until I saw your blog. You are funny and insightful, and your blog is super. It’s hard to keep up with Biff, but you are doing a great job!

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