Personal unwritten rules I follow

In the spirit of my friend Nick’s recent post, I’ve decided to share my own code of unwritten rules that I follow daily. Maybe you honor the same credo? Or maybe I’m nuts.

  • I make it a point to be baseline nice to people. We can all use some empathy.
  • I never ask a woman if she’s pregnant unless she’s in labor. Then it’s OK to ask.
  • I change the oil as soon as my car needs it. I’d like to think my car appreciates that.
  • I think animals should be treated the same as people. Maybe even better.
  • It’s easier to warm up than it is to cool down, in my experience. I dress accordingly.
  • Tucking my pants into my boots looks weird, and I won’t do it.
  • I always know where a room’s exit is.
  • I prefer not to rely on making others look bad or vulgarity when trying to be funny.
  • I put my phone away whenever possible.
  • I pull over for ambulances and fire trucks. Someday they could be coming for me.
  • I make the most of days with my dog. Her time is (probably) briefer than mine.
  • Even if my waiter/waitress messes up my order, I tip him/her well anyway.
  • I don’t like to post on social media during business hours. Seems unprofessional.
  • I avoid loud places. I’m somewhat soft-spoken, so my voice doesn’t project well.
  • I will wish for more wishes should I find a lamp with a genie inside it.

What are some of your unwritten rules?


2 thoughts on “Personal unwritten rules I follow”

  1. Great post and I like your rules a lot. I need to do a better job of putting my phone away.
    I try to look at other people’s views and not judge them, but I fail at the judging parts at times.
    I always sub out at rec sports just to get other people into the games (partially because they are often better than me).

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