When you shouldn’t be on your phone

Most of the time, I forget I even own a cellphone.

I’m not on it often. When I’m at work, for example, I only use it if it’s a necessity of some sort. Otherwise I’m so busy that I don’t have time to mess with my phone when I’m on the job. For some of the people in the office, though, their phones are their lifeline, a necessity to get their job done. I’m glad I don’t have to talk on the phone much in my role.

I refuse to fiddle with my hopelessly outdated phone while I’m driving, or talking to or in the company of another person. It’s rude. Manners didn’t disappear with the invention of the iPhone. Or did they?

Confusing random objects with your phone? Maybe it’s time for a break from technology. | Capitol Records

Often I become irritated when I see folks on their phones in various situations, so in case we’ve all forgotten, here’s some instances in which we need to put away our phones and focus on the world around us.

Ditch the phone when you are:

  • on a date/out with your significant other;
  • in a checkout line and an employee is assisting you;
  • in a restaurant and a waitress/waiter is speaking to you;
  • driving and not at a stoplight;
  • engaging with children (I don’t have kids—is this realistic?);
  • in the company of another person;
  • around famous people who obviously want to be left alone;
  • at a funeral;
  • walking and not paying attention to your surroundings;
  • supposed to be working;
  • in the audience of someone giving a presentation/in class;
  • using tools;
  • in a fistfight;
  • on an airplane and the flight attendant tells you to put the phone away;
  • at the movies;
  • at your child’s extracurricular event (again—is this realistic?);
  • out to dinner with your folks; or
  • juggling.

If you’re having trouble disengaging from your phone, I hope these tips help. Otherwise your phone may finally run out of batteries, and you might discover that everyone else got tired of competing with your smartphone and ditched you.

When are some other times we should not be on our phones? Are you guilty of any of the above?


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