Andy comes clean about laundry

I do the laundry at our house, for the most part. I sort of enjoy it. I like arranging things by color and determining which pile a garment goes into. Should a blue shirt go with grays, for example, or should it go with the darker colors? I guess it might depend on the shade of blue it is. Or should I start a blue pile to wash only blue clothes? Oh, the intrigue!

Speaking of intrigue, here are my thoughts on laundry:

  • I think what I like best about doing the laundry is knowing that what’s dirty will soon be clean again. It’s almost like a baptism for our clothes.
  • I’ve learned that washing too much at once can mean drying too much at once, or that things take forever to dry that way. It’s better to wash smaller loads and not get super behind on laundry to begin with.
  • There’s never enough hangers.
  • I really want red hangers. I’ve found coral-colored ones, but not truly red ones. Oh, look: The Container Store has them.

    red hanger
    Photo via The Container Store website
  • We have darker-colored hangers here at our house that are either brown or dark green. We also have lighter-colored hangers that are tan or white. I typically hang my wife’s clothes on the darker hangers and mine on the lighter ones. I have no idea why.
  • One feeling I do not enjoy is when I accidentally wash something that needs dry-cleaned or dry something that shouldn’t go in the dryer. It’s always my wife’s clothes that suffer when that happens; I do not wear fancy clothes because I am not a fancy person. I don’t think I’ve ever dry-cleaned anything.
  • I typically wash new garments by themselves the first time in case the color bleeds.
  • I like to wash shirts with screenprint or anything else on them inside-out to preserve said design as long as possible.
  • I have a 49ers T-shirt that is older than some of my co-workers.
  • My beloved Katniss like to run around our house with a sock in her mouth. She does it so we’ll chase her.
  • I like the feeling of my wife being able to wear exactly what she wants because I washed it for her. I could be better about putting all the laundry away, though …

Who does the laundry at your place? And what are your thoughts on ironing? Are you still awake?


3 thoughts on “Andy comes clean about laundry”

  1. I enjoy laundry too, and I even make my own laundry powder because I don’t like the commercial stuff (That’s just me). Ironing is not my fave so I do the bare minimum, usually just my husband’s work shirts. We currently have too many hangers because I have been on a closet Purge (highly recommended) Nothing nicer than a basket of freshly washed and sundried clothing plucked from the washline! Maybe I need to get out more….😉

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