5 TV shows that should be revived/continued

If old TV shows, such as “Full House,” “Beavis and Butthead” and “Will and Grace” can be revived or updated, why not other favorites? Here’s five I want to see returned to the airwaves:

Ever wonder why cutoff jean shorts are referred to as Daisy Dukes? Now you know. | Warner Bros.
Yes, I took the time to create this rendering of the roof of the updated “Dukes of Hazzard” car for my theoretical series. In PowerPoint. And note the accent on the E.

1. “The Dukes of Hazzard”—but only if the car is tweaked a little. “The Dukes of Hazzard” was absolutely my favorite show as a kid—I had “Dukes” bedsheets, toys and an encyclopedia-size coloring book, plus who knows what else—and it could be a lot of fun if updated for the 21st century. But let’s make sure we remove the gross Confederate flag from the roof of the car and rename the car something other than the General Lee.
My twist: The show could be moved to here in Texas, and the car, a 2017 Dodge Challenger Hellcat painted orange like the original show’s 1969 Dodge Charger, is renamed to Beyoncé in honor of the greatest Texan alive, complete with a Texas flag on the roof. And what if Beyoncé made a guest appearance?! Holy hell, that would be amazing.

2. “Gilligan’s Island”—but only if it’s still kinda goofy. This was one I watched after school in the 1980s before my dad switched over to the news at 6 p.m. Basically, the Skipper, along with the other people on the island, was always angry with Gilligan, whose shenanigans usually kept everyone stuck on the island. Side note: I read a theory that Gilligan had saved the Skipper’s life while they were in the Navy together during World War II, so the Skipper and Gilligan became pals and went into business together operating their “three-hour tours.” Fascinating.
 My twist: The same characters are again stranded on an island together in modern times, and the show features similar ridiculous ways in which the castaways try to get off the island. The series ends after they discover a resort way at the other end of the island that’s been there the whole time! I think that was also a “Full House” episode.

Sadly, Batman’s Batmobile-mounted Batphone from 1966 is still more advanced than my current cell phone. | DC Comics/Warner Bros.

3. “Batman”—and make it funny-ish, too. The series from the 1960s, reran heavily in the 1980s, was how I got hooked on all things Batman as a little boy. One of the facets of the show was how corny it was and its “BIFF!” “BAM!” “POW!” effects during fight scenes—which took place only after a lecture from Batman was given on how crime is bad. The Batmobile from the series is the coolest car ever made.
• My twist: Combine Lego Batman’s style of humor with a live-action series, great fight scenes and the many villains of Batman, and watch the ratings soar.

4. “The Wonder Years”—but only if it’s in the 1980s. The tables have turned, and Kevin Arnold, whose coming of age was the subject of the original show, is now a father in the late 1980s to a girl—Karen, named after Kevin’s mom—who acts just like he did!
• My twist: The show is narrated by the voice of an older Karen (presumably from the perspective of 2017) just as the original was narrated by an adult Kevin. Fred Savage, aka Kevin, makes numerous appearances in the series and is completely vexed by Karen. Winnie, who we all know *SPOILER ALERT* did not wind up with Kevin, makes occasional appearances along with Paul, Kevin’s best pal from the original series, along with many cameos from the rest of the original cast.

5. “Friday Night Lights”—with possible ties to the original series. This show is quasi-required viewing for Texans, and it was even filmed here in Austin. The strength of the high school football-driven drama’s original series was in its casting, and that would have to be the same if the show was revived.
My twist: A new “Friday Night Lights” wouldn’t work, in my opinion, if it depended only on the former cast members, whose stories were wrapped up at the end of the original’s run in 2011. Maybe the show could be based around one of the Panthers’ rivals, with sparse cameos by some of the original characters, but only ones who would make sense. Another idea could be to have the show focus on the next generation of Panthers in a post-coach Eric Taylor world. It might also be cool to base the show around Taylor’s days as a player when he was younger. Make it happen, NBC!

What are some shows you’d like to see revived?

Shows that should stay dead: “How I Met Your Mother” • “Friends” • “Hart of Dixie” • “Gilmore Girls” • “Duck Dynasty” • “Seinfeld” • did I mention “Friends?”


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