My thoughts in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey

Harvey has apparently left the Austin area but is wreaking havoc in Houston where many of my co-workers live. Here’s some things I noticed during a weekend of heavy rain:

Why were flags flying? Both Texas and American flags were on flagpoles—and nearly ripped off of them—over the weekend as the storm came through.

According to Texas Government Code Chapter 3100, Section 3100.052. (b):

“For patriotic effect, the state flag may be displayed outdoors:
(1) 24 hours a day, if properly illuminated during darkness; or
(2) in the same circumstances that the flag of the United States may be displayed.
(c) The state flag should not be displayed outdoors during inclement weather unless the flag is a weatherproof flag.”

Not only were all the flags I saw flying most certainly not weatherproof—they also looked like they barely survived the Battle of the Alamo. C’mon, Texas, where’s your pride? Bring the flags inside during a storm.

Sprinklers were still operating at many nearby businesses as Harvey unloaded on us. Can’t these systems be shut off to save money or prevent possible flooding?

This is the third hurricane that I’ve been in/near in the past 10 years.

My dog loved rain as demonstrated be her getting loose momentarily during the downpour and running through neighborhood yards. Of course, she came back as soon as Dad (me) called her.

My wife was probably thinking “WTF?” as my BFF ran wild Saturday.

I need to fix my gutter.

 As much as I whine about the Texas heat, I prefer it to three days of rain. The rain was super depressing.

 I bought a new rain jacket earlier this year—heavily discounted of course. I’m glad I had it during the storm!

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