5 things I’ve been pondering lately

Whether I'm washing dishes, walking the dog or showering, my mind never stops, for better or worse. Here's five things that have popped into my mind lately: • It's summertime, and my mornings are often punctuated with the sound of power equipment manicuring surrounding lawns and vegetation. It's hotter than the hinges of hell here,… Continue reading 5 things I’ve been pondering lately


My stamp collection is worth …

... Firstly, I suppose it's not technically my collection; I inherited it from my grandfather who died when I was a toddler. I can sort of remember meeting him in his last stages of dementia, and he somehow knew who I was, too, according to my mom. I've always felt his presence. I know he… Continue reading My stamp collection is worth …

Things I’d rather do than watch the World Cup

The World Cup—which is sort of like the Olympics of soccer, I gather (?)—is taking place right now until July 15, according to ESPN, and I couldn't be more bored, even if I were driving through West Texas, which can be about as flat as Napoleon Dynamite's monotone voice. To me, watching soccer is about… Continue reading Things I’d rather do than watch the World Cup

The concerts you missed out on

A radio personality reminded me the other day that one of my favorite acts, Huey Lewis and the News—I double-checked, and the band uses "and," not "&," more often than not—was likely done touring because Huey is experiencing Meniere's disease, or progressive hearing loss. The band came through Austin not too long ago and even shouts… Continue reading The concerts you missed out on

5 things you’ve missed in 6 months

I took a six-month break from blogging because I decided no one cared about my life or opinion on anything—I barely care about my opinion on anything—so why bother writing? People are bombarded with opinions all day, and I didn't feel like adding to the noise anymore. Plus, it's not like I'm getting paid to… Continue reading 5 things you’ve missed in 6 months

My 5 banned words for 2018

News came about recently that President Donald Trump was banning the use of certain words the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention could include in its upcoming budget. The words include “vulnerable,” “entitlement,” “diversity,” “transgender,” “fetus,” “evidence-based” and “science-based.” As one Washington Post article points out, this ban on words is not just a Trump thing,… Continue reading My 5 banned words for 2018

Finally: U.S. fesses up to UFOs

In a recent report and downright chilling video, the U.S. government has admitted to running a program that investigated UFOs. And if the video released along with the report is any indication, it gives credence to years of sightings and unexplained phenomena and is an official admission of the greatest discovery in human history. Also:… Continue reading Finally: U.S. fesses up to UFOs